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Tourism in Parma

PARMA: Don't miss to visit..


Parma, flourishing city of Emilia Romagna is the site of several important national companies, of an ancient University and dynamic cultural associations.


Parma has Roman origins and since its birth has been a city active in trade exchanges. Ruled by noble families, as the Farnese, has important and beautiful monuments very well preserved. The Piazza Duomo is one of the most significant examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy.


The wise goverment of Maria Luigia of Austria, Duchess of Parma and last wife of Napoleon, that ruled from 1814 to 1847, made Parma a little capital.


The design of the historical centre and the stunning palaces that decorate the town, place Parma at the top of the most charming art-cities in Italy.


For a tourist tour in the historical centre of Parma we suggest to visit:


- The Duomo

- The Baptistery

- The Bishop's Palace

- The Church of S.Giovanni Evangelista

- The Church Magistrale of the Steccata

- The Pilotta Palace

- The National Gallery

- The Farnese Theatre

- The Camera of S.Paolo

- The Regio Theatre

- The Museum of Glauco Lombardi

- The Palace and Park Ducale


Several of these places can be visited at preferential prices for the clients of the INC HOTELS, info at the front desk of the hotels.


In the province of Parma we recommend:


- The Palace of Colorno(summer residence of the Duchess Maria Luigia)

- The sites of Giuseppe Verdi

- The fortress of Fontanellato

- The Castle of Torrechiara

- The Foundation of Magnani Rocca ,that gathers a private art collection now open to visitors.


For fashion and shopping lovers:


Parma has several elegant boutiques where is possible to find branded clothing and leather goods.


In a little town nearby,Fidenza,there is the well known "Fidenza outlet shopping village"where there are many clothing stores with prestigious labels at competing prices,'outlet prices'!


For Gourmets:


For the sweet tooth ones, you can't miss a stop in one of the numerous pastry shops of Parma and in the gastronomic shops where is possible to buy delicious local and world known specialities that have made Parma the capital of the Food Valley.


We suggest the following:


- The Ham,Prosciutto Crudo of Parma D.O.P.

- The Culatello of Zibello D.O.P.( particular cut of the Prosciutto )

- The Salami of Felino I.G.P.

- The Spalla Cotta (pork shoulder) of S.Secondo

- The cheese,Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P.( the unique,the original and best known cheese in the world for taste and flavour)


For those who want to taste the food specialities of Parma :




The cold cuts: salami of Felino, the ham Prosciutto Crudo of Parma D.O.P., the pork shoulder Spalla Cotta, the Culatello of Zibello D.O.P. served with mushrooms under oil I.G.P. of Borgotaro.


First course dishes:


Tortelli Parma style (filled pasta) with ricotta cheese and chards or pumpkin, topped with melted butter and parmesan cheese, and the Anolini in brodo (stuffed pasta served in broth).


Second course dishes:


Rosa of Parma (rolled tenderloin roast) , tripe Parma style, Stracotto (beefstew) and mixed boiled meats served with delicious sauces.




Spongata(cake made with thin pastry dough,traditional at Christmas time) zabaione cake and home made jam pies.


For the lovers of art exhibitions, opera and fair events:


There are a lot of art exhibitions during the year for the tourist that visits Parma while the concerts and the opera season are scheduled especially in autumn and winter as the Verdi festival that takes place in October.


Among the fairs, Cibus is the biggest and most famous food exhibition that attracts visitors from all over the world to which is connected the Cibus Tec.


Other worldwide known fairs are the Mercante in Fiera (antiques), SPS, MEC- SPE.















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